How we increased the revenue of an Etsy shop selling Rings by 350% within 30 days

We worked with a small jewelry business selling rings. Over 30 days, we helped them grow their revenue by 350%.

Small Jewelry Store
Project Timeline

Project Overview

The owner from this small jewelry business scheduled a call with us in the middle of November 2021. He wanted us to optimize his Etsy store for the Black Friday weekend and the upcoming christmas season. We were left with the following tasks below:

  • Design new listing thumbnails
  • Optimize all texts and elements of their Etsy store
  • Update their keyword list

Project Execution

During the first week we did a lot of competitor research. We found a lot of features of their rings which we started to use to make them stand out from their competition.

With all the gathered knowledge, it was then time to implement the unique selling points of his rings into his Etsy store. Then it's time to wait and see the results come in as well as split test further optimizations.

Project Results

His complete Etsy store has been updates by us til then end of November. From then on we continued split testing different listing thumbnails as well as descriptions.

We'll just let the results speak for themselves:

  • Optimized all texts and elements of their Etsy store
  • Optimized 24 listing descriptions with 20+ split-tests
  • Generated over €18.900 of revenue
  • Grew their revenue by 350%+ month over month after working with us
  • Updated Keyword list from 15 to up to over 130 keywords

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