How we 4.8x our client's ad spend using Etsy ads.

This client let us manage their Etsy ads and for every dollar spent, we made $4.8 back.

Paid Advertising
Project Timeline

Project Overview

This client came to us and wanting to level up their Etsy game for the 2021 Black Friday weekend and following Cyber Monday. The client had a already well researched keyword list and well optimized store where we were only able to optimize a few things so we thought the most potentials could be in Etsy ads as the client had never touched those before. The tasks regarding managing the client's Etsy ads were the following:

  • Split test different listing thumbnails
  • Split test different listing titles
  • Split test different daily budgets

Project Execution

There are a few criteria which we would like our client to meet before we start running paid Etsy ads on their listings.

  • min. 100 Etsy store sales
  • min. 2/3 different listing pictures to split test
  • Listings advertised have all been sold at least 10 times organically on Etsy already

Because the client met all 3 of those requirements and our multiple split tests, we were able to pull off such amazing results.

Project Results

We'll just let the results speak for themselves on this one:

For every dollar spent, we made $4.8 back.

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