How we grew a Etsy store selling clothes by €200.000+ within 1 year

We worked with a Clothing Brand. Over 12 months, we helped them increase their revenue by €200.000.

Clothing Brand
SEO & Marketing
Project Timeline

Project Overview

Thw owner reached out to us and hired us to help him optimize his Etsy store regarding keywords, listing descriptions and all other texts and elements of his Etsy store, so he can completely focus on making the best clothes possible. Here are 4 of our tasks we focussed on for the next few months:

  • Restructure their listing description
  • Update their keyword list
  • Redesign their store for conversions
  • Restructure their Etsy Ads and make them more efficient

Project Execution

During the first week of him being our client, we did a lot of research on their niche, their competitors, their search rankings and which keywords they have been using already.

Once all the data has been gathered it's time to implement what we've found out into their Etsy store. Then it's time to wait and see the results come in and split test further optimizations.

Project Results

We'll just let the results speak for themselves:

  • Updated Keyword list from 60 to up to 900 keywords
  • Optimized 130 listing descriptions
  • Optimized all texts and elements of their Etsy store
  • Managed their Etsy Ads and generated $15.000+ with a 4x Return on ad spend
  • Generated over €200.000 of revenue with a 6000%+ year over year growth

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