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We'll optimise your about section, policies and get you more reviews.

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Our experts will identify the long tail keywords and other search terms your potential customers are using.

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We'll split test different thumbnails for all your listings.

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Keywords are ever changing. That's why we will re-do our whole Keyword Research every month.

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Performing a comprehensive audit is vital. This will help us identify the issues that are stopping your listings from ranking well within Etsy.

3. Execution

Based on our findings from stage 1 and 2, we’ll create a results-driven strategy tailored to your Etsy store and implement it.


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“I've been selling on Etsy for some time now but with no success. I didn't know there were so many parts of my Etsy store which could be optimized. I've been fortunate enough to work with Jan and his amazing team to optimise my store. I couldn't be happier.”

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How do I increase my visibility on Etsy?

To increase your visibility on Etsy, you have to invest in your Etsy SEO. Focus on your keywords when you build your titles and descriptions. Make sure titles, descriptions, and photos are accurate. When you get an order, being quick to process it will work in your favour. After a product is purchased, also try to get reviews from verified buyers.

How do I get my Etsy shop to show up on Google?

To show up on Google, your Etsy shop should have a well-built name and description that includes who you are and what you do. You also should ensure your shop page, and every product listing has an optimised meta title and meta description. It is more important to build out each product listing in terms of keywords used in order to show up on Google. People may search for handmade coasters, but they will likely be searching for “customised coasters” rather than “coaster shop”.

How long does it take for Etsy SEO to work?

There is no definite answer for how long it takes for Etsy SEO to work. It’s worth noting that it is important to “get it right the first time” to avoid delays in the platform recognizing changes. Depending on the change, it can be picked up within minutes, hours, or days. So, it is crucial to have a plan for every listing before it is made.

How do I rank higher in Etsy SEO?

To rank higher in Etsy SEO, you have to be sure both your shop and individual product listings are optimised to come up for any relevant search. This means having a well-built title, description, product images and videos, shop description, reviews, speed of service, and more.

What Factors Are Used By Etsy Search?

When the Etsy platform first launched in 2005, its search parameters were very basic. Items were listed in search based on category and date first listed. In the decade and a half since the platform launched, it has grown from a small platform for a handful of artisans to sell their wares to a publicly-traded company offering thousands of items for sale every day. Therefore Etsy’s search algorithms have become more and more technical. In fact, in 2016, the company even acquired an artificial intelligence startup, Blackbird Technologies to help them make product search more efficient.While most ‘search engines’ the Etsy search algorithm is shrouded in a little mystery sometimes the company is more forthcoming about just what factors matter most for Etsy search. In fact, they publish a set of guidelines that outline those factors here, making Etsy SEO a little less challenging ‘to get right’ – in some ways – than standard search engine based SEO.
Etsy SEO, contrary to what some people mistakenly believe is NOT the same as SEO for search engines like Google or Bing. It is a set of procedures designed to raise your visibility in an Etsy search, but the algorithms Etsy uses to formulate its search results are very different from those used by other search engines.For example, Google’s algorithm is a very complex one and favours informative content like articles, blog posts, or informative videos over product listings. The internal Etsy search engine, on the other hand, is focused on finding products that match the user’s search as accurately as possible.

Do I Need to Do Keyword Research for Etsy?

Absolutely. Along with Etsy tags targeting the right keywords is going to get your items found by people looking for just what you have to offer. In fact, effective keyword research is one of the most important elements of Etsy SEO.

What are Etsy Tags?

In addition to incorporating keywords into your Etsy item listings, you must add tags. A tag is a word or short phrase, called metadata, that is attached to your item. Etsy uses these tags to help shoppers locate your item. For example, suppose that you’ve tagged your item with the term leather bookmark. If someone types leather bookmark when performing an Etsy search, your item will be among the results.

How Do I Get My Etsy Listing Higher in Etsy Search?

In addition to practising good Etsy SEO – something our team has become very experienced and successful in executing – maintaining listings that meet all of the seller guidelines is a must, and reviews are important. When you sell an item, try to do all you can to ensure the purchaser leaves a positive review. This will depend solely on your ability to deliver a great item and great customer service though, as only verified purchasers have the capability to leave an Etsy product review.

How do I get my Etsy Listing on Google?

As Google’s search algorithms work in a very different way to Etsy’s, it is tough to get an individual listing to appear anywhere in a standard Google result, as that is just not the way things work. For example, a search for ‘vintage silver ring’ is likely to return a result for that category on Etsy itself, but only leading to Etsy’s own search page. However, you can have your listings included in Google Shopping results by making use of that facility from within the Etsy interface itself.That does not mean you cannot promote your items outside of Etsy with great success. Many successful Etsy sellers maintain a blog that promotes their items while also providing useful content that Google and other search engines will actively rank and promote in the SERPS. Some Etsy sellers also choose to maintain a separate website that can be optimized for Google search in the same way as any other. Social media marketing is another very effective way to promote your Etsy listings, especially via Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

What is Etsy "declumping"?

Etsy does what they call “declumping.” This means that their search results will never show more than 1-2 items per seller in any given page of listings. Because of this, you should never SEO more than 2-3 items for the same primary keyword, because if you do, you’re competing with yourself. Mix it up and make sure you are targeting different keyword variations.

Do Shop Section Names Matter?

How you name your shop sections can also help boost your shop’s SEO. Each section has its own landing page with a page title based on the section name.Like your shop title, Etsy uses your section names to create the page titles for each of your sections’ landing pages. The page title is the text a person sees in the search engine that links to your shop. Search engines only show about 66 characters for a page title, and Etsy limits section names to 24 characters. Etsy will automatically include your shop name in the page title.

Are Long Tail Focus Keyword's Important On Etsy?

Using what we call “longtail” keywords is a great place to start optimizing your Etsy SEO. Understanding that the shorter the keyword is (t-shirts), the more traffic it will get, but also there is more competition, and people are often just browsing when they use generic keywords.If you use a more specific keyword (Coffee Lover Shirt), you are more likely to make sales because people using the more specific keywords are more likely to buy, and there is less competition.