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How big is your marketing team?

We are a globally remote team of 3 full-time and 5 part-time workers. All of us are experienced Etsy sellers and SEO specialists with 25+ years of SEO and Etsy experience between us, we’ve got a track record of getting RESULTS for our clients.

What are your rates?

We are so confident in our skills that you'll only have to pay us once we've increased your average monthly sales. The exact percentage differs from client to client. We would like to understand your business from the roots first, so we can fit like a glove.

What is the typical timeline?

Our onboarding process and initial research takes us 1-2 weeks, depending on your number of products and niches. Once we've gained enough knowledge about your Etsy store we'll implement the first optimisations within the next week. We'll then start implementing and split testing even more optimisations every week while always updating you accordingly.

Do you guarantee marketing results?

We guarantee that you’ll see increasing returns as a consequence of working with us! We always make sure that ALL of our clients reap the benefits of working with us!

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