4 helpful Etsy SEO tools

In this article you'll find 4 of the most helpful Etsy SEO tools to help you rank your listing on the first page.

January 24, 2022

4 helpful Etsy SEO tools and how to use them?

In order to improve your Etsy search engine optimisation, one may use the following services:


This Etsy SEO tool helps you find synonyms and alternative user requests. This helps both in forming the initial list for parsing and in filtering garbage requests that can be collected through Google Keyword Planner.

You can also evaluate each key phrase for your Etsy SEO:

  • Competition – the quantity of goods on Etsy with this key in tags is estimated. With Very High numbers it will be hard to get to the first pages. On the other hand, Very Low is just a multi-word low-frequency, and it is almost impossible to gain traffic from them. You need to keep the balance.
  • Demand is the frequency that the service takes from Bing.com. You can assess quickly and simply, whether it is good for you or not.
  • Engagement – how willingly people look for, like, and buy goods with this tag. This correlates with the first two factors.

This functionality can be enough while collecting semantics if only:

  • all additional phrases can be uploaded to .csv, and one can work outside the service, you’re not afraid to miss anything important.

One more helpful service to improve Etsy SEO you can use:

Google Keyword Planner

We collect all thematic keys from Google service with different frequencies and without any region binding. Then we filter and remove what you do not work with. The remaining queries are grouped by meaning and assigned to each product.

With a more or less scaled approach, you stumble upon the site limitation: you can unload all the goods in .csv to check and correct the title, tags, description, price, etc. But it is impossible to fill the end file back in. All manipulations have to be done through the interface, but there is a Quick Edit mode for quick correction of headings and tags.

Through eRank it is also quite convenient to watch the condition of all the lots. The service conditionally assigns a rating from the highest (A) to the lowest (E), listings go one after the other in the table.

Found a problematic listing – went to Listing Audit and got the layout for all the key phrases (tags): how well equipped is the product with them?

The dynamics of positions by top key phrases can be seen in the Monitor report. It shows the listings that were noticed on the first two pages – in the top 100.

Etsy Stats

Etsy Stats is a free analytical tool offered by Etsy. It’s easy to access – click on the “Statistics” button in the “Shop Manager” section. Here you can find three important tabs – “Traffic”, “Listing”, and “Customers”.

  • “Traffic” provides you with information about traffic sources, key phrases used, and the most popular pages on your site. Using this data, you can understand where customers come from, what keywords are useful, and what your customers like.
  • “Listing” divides your inventory into different tabs: favorites, orders, visits, profits. With this information, you can identify your most successful positions and adjust your efforts.
  • The “Customers” tab is designed to analyze the demographic data of your website visitors. Where they are from, which device do they use, what other search queries do they have? Answers to these questions will help you understand the interests of your customers, choose the right keywords, and appeal to them properly.


Truth be told, this service is by far one of the most favorable Etsy SEO tools on the market. They even have a free service, though it is rather limited. A paid service is much more effective as it offers you a variety of different ways to improve your Etsy SEO.

By using top listings analysis, the service allows you to search by keywords. Moreover, you can focus only on competitors if you narrow down your search. Additionally, Marmalead allows you to select the most optimal tags for your products, which, in turn, facilitates the ranking of similar tags and monitoring of trend marks.

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